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Signed, Sealed, Lost in the Post

I saw G.I. Joe yesterday despite a fair amount of warnings. I really did enjoy it. Then again, I'm a girl who has not much experience with action films, so... OH, there was this boy I knew in high school in line to see District 9 and I guess he felt really cool because he came up to me and he went all "boo hoo G.I. Joe isn't doing justice to the toys of my childhood," and I was just like you were born in 1991, dude. ANYWAY, I feel they did the best they could and also the whole tracklist was sooo awesome and kept me pumped the whole movie. At best it was equivalent to Transformers 2.

Music meme from cucumbers under the cut. I'm fairly predictable so it shouldn't be too hard.

Post the names of 30 of your favorite musicians.
See who can guess which is your favorite song by each.
Once someone guesses right, bold that row and include the song.

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mov: WTF - Why The Face?

How Have I Caught at Fleeting Joys

Hey, hey, yo. I got up early today so I could catch Big on HBO. Well, I didn't get up as much as I stayed awake the entire night finishing up this little music meme I got from modernthirst. (OOH, it just got to the giant floor keyboard at the FAO Schwarz toy store. Clutcheth at my very heart!) Anyway, keep in mind that I am a very silly, sappy, not cool person ...And my taste in music likes to portray that in a very obvious, mocking manner.

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Alright, so, Tyler Hilton will forever have this strong, warm grasp on my heart. He doesn't know it, and he doesn't have to, but he's probably the first guy I've fallen in love with. ON THE REAL. He was the first show I ever experienced and he was also, like, the first contest I've ever won! A few months ago my friend and I entered this contest to meet him and we won and got to sit in during his sound check. WOW, just thinking about it brings me back to that I-GET-TO-SHARE-A-PRIVATE-MOMENT-WITH-TYLER high. He is very under appreciated outside of the One Tree Hill community and I just wanted to share the few teaser songs he has released before his official fourth album comes out. WOOOOO! They've been out for a while, but I figured I'd gush about them.

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mov: WTF - Why The Face?

"I'm Kelly, always, and you're Regis."

Since I've been having to wake up early to drop our foreign exchange student off at her English class, I've been staying awake to watch Regis & Kelly. OH MY GOODNESS, I think Kelly Ripa is so freakin' adorable and cheeky! I want to give her a high five because her life is bright and awesome.

Also, V Hudgens is the guest today :)! Waking up early is nice. Er...
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mov: WTF - Why The Face?

We help.

Rose Lorkowski: There's not a lot I'm good at.

Depressing as shit, but a great reality check. I couldn't really gather my feelings after I watched it? But maybe that's because it's 5:25 AM and I haven't gotten any sleep. Anyway, it was very moving and beautifully tragic. A little confusing, but I guess that's what made it so realistic. Some movies make you appreciate everyday life, but this movie scares the option of going nowhere right the hell out of you. If you need something to help you get your ass up and scare some motivation into you, this is it.
mov: WTF - Why The Face?

I Cannot Be Where You Will Not Go

I still cannot believe I watched this movie with my very own eyes. That doesn't make sense! I'll elaborate later (probably not because, dude, I'll never be able to express my appreciation for this film), but all I want to say for now is that I did not even want to blink because that would mean missing one FRAME of brilliance. So, I have very dry eyes and I am short a whopping thirteen dollars. Add being exposed to a vile of Hepatitis A and the ticket machine charging my card multiple times, and it is still completely worth it.