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Signed, Sealed, Lost in the Post

I saw G.I. Joe yesterday despite a fair amount of warnings. I really did enjoy it. Then again, I'm a girl who has not much experience with action films, so... OH, there was this boy I knew in high school in line to see District 9 and I guess he felt really cool because he came up to me and he went all "boo hoo G.I. Joe isn't doing justice to the toys of my childhood," and I was just like you were born in 1991, dude. ANYWAY, I feel they did the best they could and also the whole tracklist was sooo awesome and kept me pumped the whole movie. At best it was equivalent to Transformers 2.

Music meme from cucumbers under the cut. I'm fairly predictable so it shouldn't be too hard.

Post the names of 30 of your favorite musicians.
See who can guess which is your favorite song by each.
Once someone guesses right, bold that row and include the song.

1. The Wombats Let's Dance to Joy Division: happysound
2. Tyler Hilton
3. Demi Lovato Everytime You Lie: touchthesoul (!!!)
4. Yeah Yeah Yeahs Hysteric: cucumbers
5. Wild Light
6. Bishop Allen
7. Born Ruffians Barnacle Goose: inthiscolony
8. Phoenix Lisztomania: cucumbers
9. Taylor Swift
10. Coconut Records
11. She & Him Sweet Darlin': cucumbers
12. Eisley
13. Kings of Leon Taper Jean Girl: cucumbers
14. Animal Collective Fireworks: cucumbers
15. Justin Timberlake
16. Tokyo Police Club
17. M. Ward
18. Crystal Skulls
19. Sondre Lerche
20. Iron & Wine
21. Bright Eyes
22. The Virgins Hey Hey Girl: happysound
23. Ray LaMontagne
24. Of Montreal Gallery Piece: inthiscolony
26. *Nsync Two Of Us: touchthesoul
27. The Fashion
28. Stars
29. Fruit Bats When U Love Somebody: cucumbers
30. City and Colour Hello, I'm In Delaware: urinals
Tags: movie: gi joe, mus: meme
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